Saturday, November 3, 2012

Use the Countdown: Checklist

Part One:

Well, after my post they cancelled the ING New York City Marathon, only confirming that no one reads this. Just, God, do you think you could have decided that on Tuesday if it was going to be such a travesty? Seriously, people. I'm not saying that they have it worse than people whose homes got washed away, but I really feel bad for all the people who found out on their flights that the race got cancelled or after packet pickup.

Meanwhile, if you were displaced and fancy racing next week, you could always come to...

Part Two:

The Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half Marathon! Eight days away! I'm sort of at the point where I feel ready. I did my last long run and now I just have little maintenance runs and stretching to do. Oh! And all the other pre-race necessities, like gear, nutrition, playlists.

Sunglasses - Check
Shirt - Still need one. There's not a lot out there that's bad ass enough.
Pants - Check
Bra - Check. Go Team Shock Absorber!
Underwear - Check

New iPhone Sportband - Check
New Fuel Belt - Check. I had to. My Camelbak was becoming the worst thing in the world. It kept sliding around my waist and the bottle hit my elbow all the time.
Yurbuds- Don't leave home without them.
Honey Stingers- Check
Nuun- I have some, but I'm trying to decide what I should put in my bottles.

Nutrition: Have you seen how many freaking carbs you're supposed to eat for an endurance event? It's one gram for every two pounds you weigh roughly. That's a lot of carbs and pre-race pasta parties aside, you're supposed to get most of them like the Thursday and Friday before your Sunday race. So many carbs... Also, you're supposed to eat breakfast four hours before your race starts. Mine starts at 7:30. So, breakfast at 3:30, which puts me going to bed when? 8? 7? Hopefully, the sun will be down.

Waiting for race day.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Use the Countdown: 2 Weeks to the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon

So, I am two weeks from the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon. Yeah. I've gotten to 8 miles on my long run. I'm doing 9 on Tuesday. My training plan said 10, but it didn't account for my migraines and I feel as if Hal Higdon had led me down the wrong path anyway. No running today, but I did go to a Body Combat class where I discovered, yes, I am still the most uncoordinated person ever.

Random Thoughts:

1. I hope Run Disney is going to be at the Expo. The Wine and Dine is also that weekend, but you would think they could spare someone from the office to drop by. I want to visit my Princess medal!

2. Kara Goucher is going to be at the Expo! I am so excited about this! If you don't know, Kara Goucher was one of the representatives of the USA on the Women's Marathon team in London this summer. She also apparently likes nachos as a post race treat so I'm going to invite her for nachos and then, you know, become her new best friend. At least that's how it goes in my head. I hope she likes the brisket kind with the white cheese. Also, there will be John Bingham and Frank Shorter. I read about Shorter in Runner's World in an account of the Munich Olympic marathon and frankly, so should you.

3. That thing where you're supposed to swing your arms? It actually works. Who knew?

4. I thought I had a race day shirt from Brooks, but I've decided it's too bland. I need something sufficiently badass for my first half.

5. I am so sick of my stupid single bottle Camelbak hydration belt. The water goes everywhere, it moves all around, I constantly have to tighten it... Grr... I'm buying a Fuel Belt on Tuesday.

6. I've watched Spirit of the Marathon enough times to notice that Lori switches hydration packs.

7. I've never understood totally when the Doctor told Martha "Use the countdown." Then she came up with that whole plan with the Archangel Network without coordinating with him at all? And the story about the fake gun? Was anyone else bothered by that?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Running from Daleks

So, I just changed the blog name. Nobody's reading this, but let me outline why anyway.

First, I know some of you non-nerds will be wondering: what is a Dalek?

The Daleks are the Doctor's mortal enemy. He keeps thinking he killed them all, but some of them always manage to show up. In fact, for Handy's sin of killing all the Daleks, he had to go with Rose Tyler. Yeah, the Doctor doesn't play. As for you Rose-Ten shippers, if a guy sends you to a parallel universe with the clone that grew out of his hand that sat in a jar for two years, he's just not that into you. A Dalek is a cyborg, it has a metal shell with a one-eyed squid on the inside. It says things like "EXTERMINATE!" and "ELEVATE!" and generally words with an "ate" suffix.

The important thing is that the Daleks don't take crap from anyone. They have no concept of crap. Anyway, I'm taking the name from one of my favorite cross days workouts that I invented. You will need a Nike Plus Machine and an iPod with Doctor Who on it. I have both. Doctor Who is all about the running and sometimes you run from Daleks or pig man or Rose Tyler, whatever the monster of the week is. Anyway, you watch the episode while you're on the elliptical or whatever and you speed up first during the theme song which is really a long time. It's a long song.

So, now your heart rate is up and you can slow down while the Doctor and his companion arrive at whatever new story there is in that episode:
That was Donna. She's awesome. Anyway, they're going to walk around a while and then discover something strange happening at wherever they've arrived. When this happens, this will happen:
At this point, the Doctor will rescue whatever companion got trapped wherever and you can take a sip of your Nuun or Gatorade or whatever. You have to try Nuun. The lemon-lime tastes like Sprite. When the Doctor and his companion have to go stop whatever it is that's going to end all life as we know it, it will look like this:
You will have to run through all of that and if you're extra ambitious you can run through the world-saving part. And sometimes you will have to run from Daleks.

If you are watching one with Rose, she will do something stupid about now. Then you do your cool down while something sad happens:
You probably had to see that one from the start. Anyway, there's the name change and probably the only workout I will ever give. Let me know what you think or if you're reading!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Event Disappointment

A big part of running and training for me is goal setting. It motivates me to have a race coming, mainly because I would like to not suck at it and I'm a procrastinator at heart. I like the planning ahead, the knowing how many miles I have to get in (or rather should because I'm not getting any today because it's supposed to be like 106 out),

I've got race events pretty much planned through April. I had been looking forward to the See Jane Run in Austin. They promise everything chocolate, champagne, race bling, food trucks. Then I go to check the website and it's cancelled for permit issues! You can't get a permit in Austin, Texas the most running-est place on Earth! Screw you!

So, that led me to rethink my strategy. I live right by Sea World and had recently discovered they host a 10K called The Run for the Fund. It's pretty cool: you get a shirt, you get to go in to the park for the day and they have trained the sea lions to wave at you! It's all included in your registration fee. Sea lions! Take that, See Jane Run! Ha! I get to go to a 10K just up the street from my house, I'll probably have to travel further for packet pickup.

Any thoughts on See Jane Run? I know they had trouble in Austin last year. They'll probably never be seen again. At the Capitol 10K, I saw a woman wearing the shirt. Any cancelled races? Let me know...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gear Check: Sports Bras

This is the first edition of a segment where I would like to go over essential gear for the geek girl runner. Or namely just me. It is totally biased, but not yet based on any sponsorship. If you want to sponsor me, I'm not saying no. Just don't be Pepsi or the Dallas Mavericks or any of those shows with a vampire. I hate teen vampire shows. Also, I can't be sponsored by new episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. It's pointless without Christopher Meloni and you know it and now he's on that vampire show on HBO so thanks, I've got to watch that now.

If you are a woman with a larger bust size, you may have noticed that there is a dearth in the world of sports bras. From what I've seen at the start line of many races, a lot of runners are not. In fact, I think what may be keeping a lot of women with larger cup sizes from running is the lack of a sufficiently supportive sports bra.  If you're not, you're thinking, what, I see those everywhere? My current bra size is a 38 F. If you're thinking0 not unreasonably- why don't I just lose some weight and reduce the size, that doesn't help me. No, really, all I've managed to do is get rid of the fat around them so that the underwire of my bra is now hitting rib. I'm actually starting to see some ribs and giant breasts, only made to appear larger by the fact that there is not much left around them.

If you do not have your 38 F bust under control, we are talking serious problems, people. Pain, sweat, nasty under the boob rashes- no, cards on the table, people! If you have a smaller bust and fall in the normal range for sports bras, well, good for you. No, really. Count yourself lucky that you can buy two for twenty dollar sports bras. I sadly cannot. Nike and Adidas only seem to go up to a C or D cup. The really expensive Under Armour Bras only go up to like a 40 D. I did attempt to try one of those on and could only get it over one breast. So, clearly that was not going to work.

Enter the Internet! For a lot of my running gear research, I go to Zappos. It's particularly good for bras because you can filter by size instead of clicking on a bra only to find out that the bra doesn't come in your size. They also have a special section for running where they've put all their running gear into one area for you. This is how I found my current bra: SHOCK ABSORBER D+ MAX SUPPORT SPORTS BRA N109

You're really forced to take stock when the company that makes your bra is called Shock Absorber. So, a  few reasons why this bra is great. One, it has all that moisture wicking jock stuff. Two, it keeps the girls up and back and trust me, they are not going anywhere. Three, padded straps so no digging into your shoulders. Mine was $59 and they do have some more expensive models and some that are meant to be specifically for running. That may seem like a lot of money, but face it, it's about what any quality bra for anything DDD cup or over costs and it beats having the girls out of control. In other words, money well spent. If Shock Absorber wants to sponsor me, I'm all ears. I also wouldn't mind a trip to the factory in England like when pro athletes go to the Nike Campus to be analyzed. If that trip was during the Olympics so be it, but I will settle for any date where either the Doctor Who Experience is open or where David Tennant is performing in live theater. I think he's doing a movie in Poland this summer so, fall? BBC America had that come up on my Facebook News Feed, I don't actually make a habit of keeping track of the whereabouts of David Tennant.

Other sponsorships I would accept: Freebirds, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, BBC America, Spurs Sports and Entertainment, Bare Escentuals, Philosophy, Sephora. I would add Victoria's Secret, but since they don't make a bra my size, eh. Other sponsors may contact me and I will consider your proposal. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to the Geek Girl in Training blog. I've sort of done this at the behest of my mother, but let me tell you some things about myself and then we can have some context.

Who the hell are you exactly?

Well, I'm Kristiana. I could tell you my last name, but then there's security, but frankly there's not that many people with my first name, so you can probably find me anyway as I'm probably the only one in San Antonio, I am sure. Why do you want to find me anyway? What did I do to you? Is that you, Mark Cuban?

Is this a fitness blog?

Not as such. Let me explain my fitness experience: not much. A couple of years ago, I started going to the gym around the time my mom did. My mom has seriously lost over a hundred pounds and can take the protein shakes and cleanse and whatever. I cannot. She started going to boot camp with an awesome trainer TT (which is a pseudonym because I think she might need to have a secret identity because of the job she has when she's not training me. She's that legit.) The next year, I went with her. TT kicked my ass, which is the idea. I kept going because I've never been able to stop things that I find painful (please see IB certificate, BA in History and MFA in Screenwriting for proof). At TT's behest and Mom's insistence, last year, my mom and I did the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon Relay. By the way, relay is misleading, it's divided into 8 and 5.1 mile segments. I got the 8.1 and did it in a little under two hours with my patented run/schlep method. I thought I was through. Then I went to the Austin Marathon Expo because the most fun part of a race is the expo and saw information about the Austin 10/20 and thought it would be fun to run 10 miles with live music. Then I sucked at it mostly because my foot fell asleep for three miles. That starts cutting into your time. So, I've found a slew of other races that look like fun and I think I'm going to run some. I don't know when I started thinking that would be cool. it just sort of happened.

What's your dream race? Is it Boston?

Boston?! Are you kidding me?! Do you know how fast you have to be?! I watched that race on TV and the KENYANS were sweating up that last hill. It's called Heartbreak Hill! It gets its name from the race! This year, I'm looking to do the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Austin, the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio and I would really like to do the Disney Princess Half. Lots of races sound cool and I'll try to tell you about the ones I've found some time, but I think Detroit, Toronto and some day far in the future if I can ever compel myself to do a full, London.

 Why is this called Geek Girl in Training?

Excellent question! I'm a geek. I love geeky things: Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and Doctor Who. I've invented a workout called Audience Participation Doctor Who. Basically, you plug your iPod into the Nike Plus machine and put on an episode of Doctor Who, you run through the opening titles and when they run on the show.

 What's Doctor Who? Is it a medical show?

 Seriously, just stop.

Do you have any healthy eating tips?

Uh... no.

Do you know where to buy lots of running stuff?

Yes. I actually do know that and will try to share with you on occasion.

Who do you admire?

 Tina Fey, Nia Vardalos, Mindy Kaling, Catherine Tate...

 Who are your arch enemies?

In no particular order: Mark Cuban, Shalane Flanagan, Rose Tyler, Dirk Nowitzki, this girl who started being a bitch after she visited me one time...

 I just saw your picture, how old are you?

Okay, you can shut up now.