Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Event Disappointment

A big part of running and training for me is goal setting. It motivates me to have a race coming, mainly because I would like to not suck at it and I'm a procrastinator at heart. I like the planning ahead, the knowing how many miles I have to get in (or rather should because I'm not getting any today because it's supposed to be like 106 out),

I've got race events pretty much planned through April. I had been looking forward to the See Jane Run in Austin. They promise everything chocolate, champagne, race bling, food trucks. Then I go to check the website and it's cancelled for permit issues! You can't get a permit in Austin, Texas the most running-est place on Earth! Screw you!

So, that led me to rethink my strategy. I live right by Sea World and had recently discovered they host a 10K called The Run for the Fund. It's pretty cool: you get a shirt, you get to go in to the park for the day and they have trained the sea lions to wave at you! It's all included in your registration fee. Sea lions! Take that, See Jane Run! Ha! I get to go to a 10K just up the street from my house, I'll probably have to travel further for packet pickup.

Any thoughts on See Jane Run? I know they had trouble in Austin last year. They'll probably never be seen again. At the Capitol 10K, I saw a woman wearing the shirt. Any cancelled races? Let me know...

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