Friday, February 15, 2013

Spirit of the Marathon II Trailer!!!

Did I ever mention I love Spirit of the Marathon?

Well, I do and if you haven't seen it you should go Netflix it right now. It almost makes me want to run the Chicago Marathon.


Anyway, there's a sequel coming out and they released the trailer and it looks awesome. This one centers around the Maratona di Roma. What a race that would be. I've wanted to go to Rome for a while, though I've never run on cobblestones and that scares me. Also, the 26.2 miles of running.  Anyway, have a look at the trailer:

I love Jeff Beal's music and they've used bits of his work from Rome in the trailer. Rome was one of my favorite shows woefully cancelled because the stupid BBC decided to have budget cuts. Remember that year Doctor Who had four episodes? Yeah. It also features Julie Weiss a.k.a. Marathon Goddess. You can find her on Facebook or at She is running a marathon a week, fifty-two weeks in a row, to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer research. She's almost done and will be at the Livestrong Austin Marathon this weekend. It's going to be number forty-eight which is just crazy to think about.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Did I Do Ten Miles on the Treadmill?

I suck at blogging. This much is certain.

In a week's time, I leave for Disney World. The race I've been waiting for, the Disney Princess Half Marathon is a week from Sunday. I always think it's bizarre when goals you set get closer. To me, most of having a dream is wanting it. That could just be me.

Anyway, I did my last long run on the treadmill because I am insane. Or it was more like, "God, I want to get my long run done so I have enough taper time and my work schedule sucks so let me just do it now." So, let me just summarize my spur of the moment long run.

1. I hadn't brought Honey Stingers so I got Peanut M&Ms at HEB. Allow me to say Peanut M&Ms taste way better after an hour of running than Honey Stingers.

2. I didn't hydrate enough. Yes, you can get dehydrated inside Gold's Gym.

3. They were playing Valentine's movies all week at the gym. Would it have killed them to play Skyfall? I could have worked out to Skyfall. What is wrong with these people?

4. Ten miles is a long way on the treadmill. Especially if the treadmill lies as I have decided it has.

5. Ten miles is also a long time when your phone keeps playing the same songs again and again.

6. One of the people in the Disney Princess Facebook group I frequent had the tip to look at the course map when you're on the treadmill and visualize where you are on the course. That part of it worked although I had to visualize a lot of Disney roads and pretend guess what the character stops were.

My long runs never go the way I want. I always want to be faster, run better, run longer. I always get out there and decide I just want to not die/get back to my car. I wonder if this is because I am just naturally a pessimist and all the runners I find are optimists. Also, I might really suck, but you know what I have a jump on the sweepers so I just need to stay ahead of them most of the time. Then again, my will to spite people is usually very strong so I might end up going, "You wouldn't dare sweep me!" It could get ugly.