Flag Day Family Virtual Run

As you may know, I am fundraising for the Lazarex Cancer Foundation as part of Team For Life at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Lazarex helps cancer patients get to FDA clinical trials and get the treatment that may save their life when they don't have insurance or even transportation to get to the trial. Needless to say, I think this is a great organization and am thrilled to be a part of it.

Now, here comes the fundraising part. I will be hosting a virtual run this Flag Day. I've been participating in virtual races for a while and if you don't know, a virtual race is a fun way to get some bling. You pay and I send you a medal. On the day of the race which might vary according to your schedule, you do the mileage that you have determined and hang up your race medal! The whole thing is on the honor system, the generally accepted rule is no hanging until you've done your miles. You can do the race anywhere, your neighborhood, your favorite trail, even the treadmill. There is no packet pickup, no course time limit, no waking up at 3 AM and of course, no balloon ladies. Unless of course you want a balloon lady. I don't know why you would, but you should totally get a medal for her. You can do it any time from June 7-17th. If that seems like a long time, remember, it's virtual so it's meant to fit into your schedule! I put two weekends in there, one of them is the same weekend as Father's Day just in case you need some flexibility. Better yet, do the race with Dad!

The best part of this run is that it's designed to be for the whole family to do together. What do I mean by that? You still get a cute Flag Day medal with faux gem border and stars and stripes ribbon, but the more entries you get, the cheaper it is. So, family can be anyone you want it to be: kids, parents, aunts, uncles, your dog, best friend, running buddies!

Registration Price Breakdown
1 Entry -   $10
2 Entries - $19
3 Entries - $27
4 Entries - $34
5 Entries - $40
6 Entries - $45

After 6, additional entries are going to be $5 each. I just can't keep going down to nothing, just in case the Duggars sign up or something, then I would owe them money. If you need more than the seven entries I've set on the payment button, please email me and I'll use Paypal to send you an invoice! In case you're wondering, I would like to go through Paypal because on a fee this small I don't want to have to add $3 in fees.

Also, if you would like me to ship internationally, I would prefer that you email me to send you an invoice with an added fee for shipping. Please give me time to check on costs.

What You Get:
Super Cute Flag Medal
Race Bib
Entry into a Random Drawing for FABULOUS PRIZES!!! (Fabulous Prizes TBD & TBA)

Here are some of the FABULOUS PRIZES:

SPIbelt is giving one of their excellent belts!

RoadID is giving us some gift certificates!

Knuckle Lights is going to donate a pair of Knuckle Lights in the winner's choice of color!

Handana is also giving a prize!

Sweaty Bands  is giving a one of their bands!

Perform Pain Relief is going to give one lucky winner a Foot Pain Relief Kit. If you've used their roll-on, you know it's magic. Okay, I guess there's probably some science to it and you get a Thera-Band Foot Roller with it. I am going to give this product away when we reach 25 registrants!!! 

I want this race to be successful and that depends on getting as many people involved as I can. Tell your friends about this race, if they sign up and email me or tell me on the event Facebook page that you referred them, both of you get an extra entry into the random drawings.

Just so you know that I'm legitimate, you can visit My Lazarex Fundraising Page. If you are not interested in running, but would still like to help, you can donate there!

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