Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Did I Do Ten Miles on the Treadmill?

I suck at blogging. This much is certain.

In a week's time, I leave for Disney World. The race I've been waiting for, the Disney Princess Half Marathon is a week from Sunday. I always think it's bizarre when goals you set get closer. To me, most of having a dream is wanting it. That could just be me.

Anyway, I did my last long run on the treadmill because I am insane. Or it was more like, "God, I want to get my long run done so I have enough taper time and my work schedule sucks so let me just do it now." So, let me just summarize my spur of the moment long run.

1. I hadn't brought Honey Stingers so I got Peanut M&Ms at HEB. Allow me to say Peanut M&Ms taste way better after an hour of running than Honey Stingers.

2. I didn't hydrate enough. Yes, you can get dehydrated inside Gold's Gym.

3. They were playing Valentine's movies all week at the gym. Would it have killed them to play Skyfall? I could have worked out to Skyfall. What is wrong with these people?

4. Ten miles is a long way on the treadmill. Especially if the treadmill lies as I have decided it has.

5. Ten miles is also a long time when your phone keeps playing the same songs again and again.

6. One of the people in the Disney Princess Facebook group I frequent had the tip to look at the course map when you're on the treadmill and visualize where you are on the course. That part of it worked although I had to visualize a lot of Disney roads and pretend guess what the character stops were.

My long runs never go the way I want. I always want to be faster, run better, run longer. I always get out there and decide I just want to not die/get back to my car. I wonder if this is because I am just naturally a pessimist and all the runners I find are optimists. Also, I might really suck, but you know what I have a jump on the sweepers so I just need to stay ahead of them most of the time. Then again, my will to spite people is usually very strong so I might end up going, "You wouldn't dare sweep me!" It could get ugly.

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