Saturday, November 3, 2012

Use the Countdown: Checklist

Part One:

Well, after my post they cancelled the ING New York City Marathon, only confirming that no one reads this. Just, God, do you think you could have decided that on Tuesday if it was going to be such a travesty? Seriously, people. I'm not saying that they have it worse than people whose homes got washed away, but I really feel bad for all the people who found out on their flights that the race got cancelled or after packet pickup.

Meanwhile, if you were displaced and fancy racing next week, you could always come to...

Part Two:

The Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half Marathon! Eight days away! I'm sort of at the point where I feel ready. I did my last long run and now I just have little maintenance runs and stretching to do. Oh! And all the other pre-race necessities, like gear, nutrition, playlists.

Sunglasses - Check
Shirt - Still need one. There's not a lot out there that's bad ass enough.
Pants - Check
Bra - Check. Go Team Shock Absorber!
Underwear - Check

New iPhone Sportband - Check
New Fuel Belt - Check. I had to. My Camelbak was becoming the worst thing in the world. It kept sliding around my waist and the bottle hit my elbow all the time.
Yurbuds- Don't leave home without them.
Honey Stingers- Check
Nuun- I have some, but I'm trying to decide what I should put in my bottles.

Nutrition: Have you seen how many freaking carbs you're supposed to eat for an endurance event? It's one gram for every two pounds you weigh roughly. That's a lot of carbs and pre-race pasta parties aside, you're supposed to get most of them like the Thursday and Friday before your Sunday race. So many carbs... Also, you're supposed to eat breakfast four hours before your race starts. Mine starts at 7:30. So, breakfast at 3:30, which puts me going to bed when? 8? 7? Hopefully, the sun will be down.

Waiting for race day.

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