Sunday, October 28, 2012

Use the Countdown: 2 Weeks to the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon

So, I am two weeks from the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon. Yeah. I've gotten to 8 miles on my long run. I'm doing 9 on Tuesday. My training plan said 10, but it didn't account for my migraines and I feel as if Hal Higdon had led me down the wrong path anyway. No running today, but I did go to a Body Combat class where I discovered, yes, I am still the most uncoordinated person ever.

Random Thoughts:

1. I hope Run Disney is going to be at the Expo. The Wine and Dine is also that weekend, but you would think they could spare someone from the office to drop by. I want to visit my Princess medal!

2. Kara Goucher is going to be at the Expo! I am so excited about this! If you don't know, Kara Goucher was one of the representatives of the USA on the Women's Marathon team in London this summer. She also apparently likes nachos as a post race treat so I'm going to invite her for nachos and then, you know, become her new best friend. At least that's how it goes in my head. I hope she likes the brisket kind with the white cheese. Also, there will be John Bingham and Frank Shorter. I read about Shorter in Runner's World in an account of the Munich Olympic marathon and frankly, so should you.

3. That thing where you're supposed to swing your arms? It actually works. Who knew?

4. I thought I had a race day shirt from Brooks, but I've decided it's too bland. I need something sufficiently badass for my first half.

5. I am so sick of my stupid single bottle Camelbak hydration belt. The water goes everywhere, it moves all around, I constantly have to tighten it... Grr... I'm buying a Fuel Belt on Tuesday.

6. I've watched Spirit of the Marathon enough times to notice that Lori switches hydration packs.

7. I've never understood totally when the Doctor told Martha "Use the countdown." Then she came up with that whole plan with the Archangel Network without coordinating with him at all? And the story about the fake gun? Was anyone else bothered by that?

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