Friday, February 15, 2013

Spirit of the Marathon II Trailer!!!

Did I ever mention I love Spirit of the Marathon?

Well, I do and if you haven't seen it you should go Netflix it right now. It almost makes me want to run the Chicago Marathon.


Anyway, there's a sequel coming out and they released the trailer and it looks awesome. This one centers around the Maratona di Roma. What a race that would be. I've wanted to go to Rome for a while, though I've never run on cobblestones and that scares me. Also, the 26.2 miles of running.  Anyway, have a look at the trailer:

I love Jeff Beal's music and they've used bits of his work from Rome in the trailer. Rome was one of my favorite shows woefully cancelled because the stupid BBC decided to have budget cuts. Remember that year Doctor Who had four episodes? Yeah. It also features Julie Weiss a.k.a. Marathon Goddess. You can find her on Facebook or at She is running a marathon a week, fifty-two weeks in a row, to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer research. She's almost done and will be at the Livestrong Austin Marathon this weekend. It's going to be number forty-eight which is just crazy to think about.

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