Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bucket List Races

So, on the Princess Half Marathon Facebook group I'm a part of, somebody asked for bucket list races. I have an extensive list so let me just share.

1. The Marine Corps Marathon- I want this to be my first full and I can't wait. I'm just trying very hard not to sign up this year. I want to be faster so I don't have to be out there all day. It's the only big marathon without a lottery and without prize money.

2. The London Marathon- Uh, hello? It's the freaking London Marathon. Fast, flat course, great weather and did I mention London?!

3. Marathon du Medoc- French wine country, 23 wine and cheese stops, pre-party, post race party and fireworks. The website says "not a race for record seekers." Oh, yes. I think so. And there's a costume contest!

4. Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon- Okay, my love for London is showing here, but it's a race through London's parks and you get a wooden leaf shaped medal made out of a tree from the park! How cool is that?!

5. Two Oceans Marathon - South Africa, where I really want to go. Fun fact: Did you know Coca Cola has a 93% market share there? This one is actually 56K, but, uh, two oceans?!

6. Maratona di Roma - It's Rome. Do I need a good reason? It's also going to be featured in Spirit of the Marathon II.

7. The Chicago Marathon- Okay, this is because of Spirit of the Marathon. I'll admit it.

8. Oh, and I think I'll do Dopey once for the street cred. Yes. You read that right. For the street cred.

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